2️⃣ The BEST Total Body Workout! Fast, Efficient + Effective for Women over 50

It’s SEPTEMBER🍏, and today we’re enjoying a beautiful🦋 mix of CARDIO and STRENGTH in a KNEE-FRIENDLY🦵 total body routine! Of course it’s LOW IMPACT, so it’s perfect for women of a “certain age” who want a thorough WEIGHT LOSS WORKOUT that’s fast, efficient and pain-free!

Find the SEPTEMBER🍏 7-Day Series here: https://bit.ly/Sept7Day

We’re focusing👀 on effective exercises that put us on the road🛣️ to our weight and fitness goals, alternating between cardio and strength with some BALANCE thrown in, too! (Because that’s the secret sauce🍝 to healthy aging😊.)

Grab a set of dumbbells🔩 and let’s GO!

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Grab this comfy and supportive ALISISTER crop top (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3u2ed1i

Interval timer is set for 30 seconds of cardio and 60 seconds of strength; complete each pair of exercises twice before moving on to the next pair; there is NO REST.


Walking + Cross Body Crunches
Low Swinging Heel Digs + Step Back Side Raise
High Knee Punch Ups + Deadlifts
Double Knees + Triangles
Forward Hinge Arm Flappers + Front Punch High Knees
Can Cans + Curling Side Kicks

Letter Ks + Oblique Pull Downs


😅 EXTENDED WALKING COOL DOWN: https://youtu.be/tk6oIzlx1SE

Video – Everything You NEED TO KNOW about WEIGHT LOSS at 50 and Beyond: https://youtu.be/tqcJM2kANQA

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